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Tribeca is a combination of industrial sensibility and […]

Tribeca is a combination of industrial sensibility and simple sophistication. While the renovated lofts and luxury buildings are a celebrity favorite, Tribeca is far from stuffy; downtown cool is a part of the fabric of this spacious and chic neighborhood. In the 70s, this formerly industrial neighborhood transformed into a haven for the city’s artistic community. Painters, photographers, and sculptors flocked to Tribeca and took over enormous abandoned lofts. Big open spaces became the homes to galleries and studios of some of the most famous New York-based artists. 


An eclectic mix who enjoy being close to the Financial District. Today, Tribeca’s creative edge still remains. For many artists, the neighborhood is an inspirational place to live with plenty of options to turn converted lofts to live-work studios. The neighborhood is also a popular one for those who want to live in a neighborhood that’s relaxing, but not boring. Tribeca is also known as a quiet and safe place to raise children. Award winning public schools like Stuyvesant High School also draw residents to the neighborhood. It’s also popular due to its proximity and easy commute to the Financial District. 


The entertainment perks of living in NYC, but a quieter neighborhood to call home. In Tribeca, you’ll hardly ever encounter congested streets or throngs of people. It’s a sparsely populated neighborhood with lots of greenery and outdoor space. Tribeca is also well-known for its architecture, which features both towering high-rise buildings, as well as meticulously restored factory and loft-spaces.

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