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A Quaint Metropolitan Getaway

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A Quaint Metropolitan Getaway

Sunnyvale is a quaint city in Santa Clara County, California. This historic town borders San Jose, Santa Clara, Los Altos, and Cupertino and helps form the Silicon Valley area in Northern California.

Current population estimates reach 152, 703, up from 140,081 in 2010 in this 94085 ZIP code. Located in the Bay Area, this city is surrounded by coasts and national parks as well as a variety of lively city environments. This area has become popular for major company headquarters such as Apple, LinkedIn, and Google. Located 12 miles west of San Jose, this city maintains a similarly warm climate with average temperatures in the high 70s.


Sunnyvale has a fairly diverse population with a highly residential community. The most recent records show 55,791 housing units at an average density of 2,458.9 per square mile with an even mix of renters and homeowners.



Sunnyvale is a smaller city that does not need to host extravagant attractions. This residential city has a variety of museums, parks, and trails that embody the lax family atmosphere.


Home values

The median home value is $1.5 million, with a median square footage of 1,559. The median rent price is $2,195, which is a 4% decrease from values in 2020.


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